Birmingham City University
Birmingham City Universitie's City
Centre Campus Phase 2 Building

Under the Phase 2 proposals, the University will deliver a 24,300m² bespoke building which is expected to house a significant amount of student-support activities, as well as teaching in business, education, law and the social sciences.

This latest phase builds on the University's Phase 1 work which includes a brand new creative and media hub which is being linked into the existing technology provision based in Millennium Point. All the campus buildings will overlook the new City Park at Eastside.

Birmingham City University Estates Department have championed BIM since the start of the Phase 1 ('The Parkside Building') design.

"BIM is allowing us to communicate the building design better than tradition methods as well as coordinate between design disciplines to a greater degree to ensure a well-planned and good design. The 3D printed model has been a valuable tool to show of the design of the new build for university stakeholders and the Local Authority." Richard Draper, BCU BIM Coordinator.

Modelled in Revit, Callprint prepared the data for 3D printing creating a horizontal section through the building so that the model could be used to communicate some of the interior as well as the overall massing of the building.

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