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Focussing on customer requirements, dealing with technical problems efficiently and making every effort to meet deadlines has allowed the Callprint 3D bureau to gain a fiercely guarded reputation for reliability and quality of product.

To support this focus on service, in early 2013 we expanded our team of data prep and machine operators, boosted our fully equipped data prep studio to support the largest capacity 3D colour print bureau in the UK.

Utilising the very latest technology, a vastly experienced production team and our continued investment in innovative solutions will mean we can exceed our clients expectations now and will do in the future....

file preparation

If you need help getting your design into 3D printable shape then Callprint 3D Services are ready to help.

The team provides a comprehensive toolbox of front end skills to help our customers transform their design file into a successful 3D printed part.

These skills include: 3D modelling in a variety of applications, file conversion and export, part fixing, colouring, texturing and optimisation for specific 3D print processes using industry leading tools.

In addition we employ stringent quality control procedures to make sure that the 3D printable files that we produce fully match our customer's expectations.

Running multiple machines at our 3D print centre enables us to deliver most single piece models within 24 hours in central London and 48 hours nationwide.
Based on the size and scale of your model, 3D printing offers an affordable solution that saves time and money on traditional modelling techniques. Software models are optimised prior to 3D printing increasing quality and reducing costs.
Many clients prefer a neutral white model for massing and detailed design models. However for master planning and when colour is integral to the design we can print in full colour. Images and textures can be mapped. For example, a Google Earth image can be draped over a terrain model and 3D printed.
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