3D print equipment

At Callprint we have over 20 years of combined experience of using 3D printing technology in a production environment. With this wealth of practical knowledge we can honestly advise on the right technology to meet your needs and also how to use it to get great results.

Underpinning each 3D printer sale are the two fundamental ingredients to successful running of any 3D printing machine. Firstly training so that you know how to look after and maintain the machine itself, training in the entire 3D print process from 3D modelling requirements, file preparation, 3D printer characteristics, tips and tricks for productivity and quality control. After training the second ingredient to 3D printing success is professional standard of after sales support to both keep your machine running and also to pass on the latest knowledge on process, consumables and maintenance.

3D hardware
Callprint are leading suppliers of the ZPrinter range of 3D Printers from 3D Systems in the UK. Sought after for their high productivity, affordability and for full colour parts, ZPrinter machines are a maturing technology that stands apart from the competition. At Callprint we will help you to optimise all aspects of your ZPrinter workflow so that you get great parts from every build.
support services
Running a busy bureau service means we appreciate the importance of machine uptime and we have the experience to fix machines quickly and efficiently. Callprint offer different levels of machine support services to keep your machine running from ad hoc to full professional support contracts backed by 3D Systems parts warranties.
Callprint hold a significant stock of the core consumables for the ZPrinter range of 3D printers which means we can make deliveries at short notice. In 2012 Callprint was the largest supplier of ZPrinter consumables in the UK and our fast turnover of stock means that consumables are sold with good shelf life.
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