3D software

All 3D printed models start with a software model. At Callprint we prefer not to list file formats that we can 3D print from, instead we prefer to ask our customers what software they are using?

Historically we have worked with data generated from a wide number of sources including Lidar, Photogrammetry, Sonar, Seismic data, Laser Scan data as well dozens of modelling, CAD, BIM & GIS applications. In future we look forward to finding ways to 3D print from software that we currently have not come across.

We start with the premiss that there is always a route to make a 3D software model into a 3D print . The basic requirements for a 3D printable file is that it consists of 3D surfaces, meshes or solids. Files containing lines and points need some work to define a form that can be read by a 3D printer.

Magics RP
Used by all of the leading bureaus, Magics RP from Materialise is the premium toolbox for file fixing and optimisation of parts for 3D printing. Take control of your 3D printed parts with powerful data clean up tools such as the shrinkwrap tool and cost reduction tools for hollowing. Callprint provide full training to maximise productivity and ensure great 3D prints from each build.
ZEdit Pro
Supplied with each ZPrinter sold, ZEdit Pro is ideal for basic file fixing and preparation processes. It also has some great tools for working with files for colour 3D printing. A great tool for a small office where 90% of the file preparation can be done in CAD or BIM tools and you just need some final tweeks to finish off a file for 3D printing.
file formats
If you have a 3D software model we can probably help you to 3D print it. Rather than focus on the file formats that we use it is usually more helpful to look at the file formats and applications that our customers use. Applications such as Revit, Microstation, SketchUp, 3D Studio Max, Rhino, AutoCAD and many others can easily by used to create 3D printable files.
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